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polo ralph lauren uk One of the greatest ideal father in this life , that is, back to the countryside to live after retirement .

So , after his father retired in order to take care of his father , the whole family went with his father to live in rural areas , at the beginning , for living in the city accustomed to us, back to the countryside is hard to accept what the word , because there is no high-rise urban rural building , entertainment, downtown and convenient. Hundred Days in only some of the neighbors in their houses and out , one would like to enter into the night, the general silence of the primeval forest . Our many years living and working in the city , although all roads have been repaired from the countryside to the city, the traffic is very convenient , but to really integrate into the countryside , from the heart, polo ralph lauren uk really produced a backlash , but seeing his father stubborn expression, had obedience to his opinion.

Entering the countryside. Then by the village folks , neighbors next door hospitality , everyone in the home a guest turns while also exploring why our family good city life , however, to move to the countryside to live in the village life of young people think the city should charge nine cattle tigers effort yet. And our family has chosen to go to the countryside to run , my father always a faint smile : old myself , roots .

A child 's mind, the countryside everywhere dirty, chickens, ducks , pigs and dogs and sheep droppings everywhere, a small village at the time when a guest would often step on these things, it is a big step on people nicknamed " mine" the polo ralph lauren uk ; the wind for a while, dust filled the village ran past the people side of their noses , windows opened there as pervasive as air dust ; one to the mud road rains over the village , the village will lose experienced a few bricks on the road , stepping on bricks to go look at your " Lingboweibu " Kung Fu got a few into , or walk a few steps then stepped into the mud , even the best designer shoes call you scrapped ; villagers drinking water , every morning household of a young married woman should take advantage of the days of dawn to get up to the river to carry water , because he's late , those Taomi , laundry , vegetables , and even down the toilet have come in twos and threes , the water is dirty , then you had to let people living in the city is also difficult to understand how the problem has to do the river , the water is polluted but why is no infectious disease that can happen . Old people will explain , we are talking about an orderly , clean little upstream , those dirty little , downstream , because the water is flowing . But I wonder, the water of this river also flows coming from other villages , and if anything else in the village , too, that the water is not already polluted it? Old people said, so , ah, fetching water earlier . Yeah, really let me tongue-tied . Can be said that, in rural areas or to feed our fathers and folks. And village elders generally have longevity.

Later, when his father when the village secretary, multi-party financing roads leading everyone , even the wages mat , the village includes large and small fork in the road are paved with cement , and now there is no pit , polo ralph lauren uk flat road , not much dust , and wear shoes in the village were born , or Zeng light watt light shoes , large-scale farming are now no longer see the feces of animals on the road, pulled every household tap water , we drink too relieved .

Despite this, I still exist resentment of rural life.

Initially, reluctant . Often did not come home from work at noon , in the evening to spend the night life will quibble overtime. Anyway, is not willing to move along in the countryside , in the village of Ni Tuizi folks to visit a guest , I would Xianzang unwilling reception .

Later, when laid off at home , because there is no longer a face in the city dangling , polo ralph lauren uk had wronged themselves , honestly stay at home. Habit worth mentioning, accustomed worth mentioning. Anyway, the house was honest . It is in such moments , I gradually began to peace of mind and vision to look at this so-called " pastoral life ."

Morning sky micro Xi . There is a small courtyard grumble birds chirp , longan tree green leaves from the yard has been out the window, the ripe fruit to place your fingertips , seductively shaking ; wind obviously know what I need , with the fields with the fragrance of the soil cool breeze of my small hands like a baby , like face ; River across fields of crops neatly doing morning exercises , along with ridicule I got up later than them. When breakfast , two lively puppies under the table drill to drill , is to discuss something to eat , but do not give the same enthusiasm as if they are the masters here . Guests came and laid them out in the yard shade coffee table , stools also sit comfortably , that Tanxing and no worse than in the upscale ktv , the contrary, they talk, spade, from their mouth to get more information real, more down to earth . At noon, polo ralph lauren uk you can enjoy peace of mind for years career extremely extravagant lunch , sleepy long to decide , whim , doing the housework workout builds Yi , burning, home of their own kind of food , the real green products, more than who guarantees are assured. Who Unemployed People is a bad thing , but I think that is a good thing , from the rural life where I know the pastoral side of life , but also know what a slow life , what is life .

I love the garden , I love the countryside, I love my father, I love the folks , I love life.